Caring for your Christmas tree


My tree has just been delivered, what do I next?

We are very proud that all of our Christmas trees are delivered in oxo-biodegradable netting, which means they are fully biodegradable and can simply be cut off your tree and placed in your recycling bin or organic compost heap.

To extend the life of your tree we recommend that you cut one inch off the bottom of the trunk (just like you would do with fresh flowers) to assist the draw of water.

Does my Christmas tree need to be watered?

We strongly recommend that our trees are immediately placed into water holding stands and be kept topped up with water throughout the season. A freshly cut tree can consume up to 1 gallon of water within the first 24 hrs alone. 

How often do I need to water my Christmas tree?

As a guide the water level in your stand should never be lower than 2 inches from the bottom of the trunk. If it is top it up. Just like you at Christmas your tree also likes a good drink!

Where is the best location for my Christmas tree?

Your tree will need to be kept away from any heat source ie; open fires, radiators and if possible irrigated with a fine mist via a spray bottle to keep it looking its best in time for the big day it itself.

Can I decorate my tree straight away?

We all know the kids, big ones as well, are eager to decorate the tree as soon as it arrives. However, it is best that you let your tree 'settle' into shape for a couple of hours before decorating. 

I've placed my order for delivery, what happens next?

Your tree will be handpicked and delivered to your doorstep within your agreed time slot. Where possible we will text you on the day of your delivery with a more precise time slot.

What can I do with my tree after Christmas?

If you have bought a potted tree and have looked after it well, you can either place it outside in its pot and keep it until next year, or ideally plant it in the garden ready to be dug up for next year. For traditionally cut trees we recommend disposing of your tree at your local recycling centre or if you have a garden waste collection, you can cut your real tree into small pieces and put it in your garden waste bin.